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Monday, February 23, 2009

down to earth?

It’s already late at night..nearer to dawn..hmmm..what was I thinking?? I cannot sleep..cannot stop thinking…it’s not a state problem of course..hehe..but whatever..i still awake..huh.. better not gonna happen again tomorrow or I’ll get insomnia..heh..hopefully not…

Sometimes..when I am alone..looking up and see mind is beyond what it is look like.. I feel empty..(click 5..hehe) I feel sad..feel uncomfortable for what I have done in my life..what have I done to service my grant cherish and look within myself..i want them to see understand me..not jz a daughter who come home in a holiday and nothing to give and share about… me, myself are not sure inside..all I can do..jz pray to Allah to give me calmness and tranquil to pace through my steps in walking along the path of my option’s taken..

I am so grateful to be born in this family.. tq Allah.. nothing more to ask.. when looking and watching the other person’s condition..around the love to my family becomes deep as the blue ocean…of course there are some time which I feel hatred and fight with siblings but it is normal..nothing abnormal to feel that way around. Every1 fights.. Not meant as physical fight but more to emotion takes account. Hoho.. To those people who said that arguing between family members is not normal..i say ‘absurd!!’ nobody is perfect… the important remark is the love that grows deep inside..Collaboration and understand are the matters charged. Other things become second intent..

Friday, February 20, 2009


Safely arrived at home…homey-domey mode alwiz make me sense alive n tranquil. Breath in different environment hopefully can grant me more pluck to encounter next week and forward. Hah..unfortunately, today’s journey wasn’t good and hepi at all… I didn’t have my ‘panglima’ to talk to and heed all way along..haha.. I didn’t meant special guide as Alfonso de Albuquerque..(btol ke eja nie??) hehe..but as long as I’m feel contented and hepi.. J love it…~~~ the person who’s sat beside me has really bad odour…very powerful –hulk smell of cigarettes. Damn hate!! Huh..if I have the option, I rather opt and prefer sat on the last seat where there was less absorber approached. Headache pon headache long as I can get rid of person who’s smoking..huhu.. L

Weekend mission: complete the report of pharmacognosy..but frankly I don’t think I can..haha..alwiz become the last minute person especially on report..daa~~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~moment to have off pat~

Ahax!!After seven days of soreness and stress moments ~ everyday having 2 exams in different subjects for whole straight 7 days..Could u imagine on how strain we r in coping and finishing the week?

Arghhhh….slowly the time fades away with all the struggles and hopes that I’ve been stake in those papers yet the pressure still growing inside to not let go of myself for being stress. Unfortunately, my hormone seems affected with the condition that I have. Huh…being sensitive with everything surround keeps me feeling exhausted.

Hah..Though, it did turn out..Happy moments always recover to cheer me up..thanx..;-)

Besides, the IPHA bowling tournament did give me pleasure in participating even my team did not included in the ranking. But…the most important was..We did treasure our moments and at least a memoir of the event will everlasting keep in mind and to be remembered. Thanks a lot to the spectators ~amal and mar~ for coming up to enjoy the day. Hehe.. ur support n my team support (jaja, nisah, leaf) did give me spirit though..hahahha.. Same goes with z, len, bell and baizura…’bowling-ing’ together stays forever..;-P yeeehaa~

The ‘best player’ mark was not being expected at all.. Feel the unexpected adds my guts overload and hopefully can participate in next year..hehe.. was unbelievable. I deemed it was just a luck for me rather that skills to gamble with.. J Moreover, there are more participants who are more qualified to win the trophy..Seriously..hmmm…~ tq to all.hehe