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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Out of the ordinary~

Hah..currently, I’m addicted to ‘loveholic’..basically dunno the existence of this series but fortunately, at 1 time..i changed the channel to KBS world and the series was ‘running’..hehe.. It is just like a ‘fortune cookie’ for me hehe as I was damn boring at that time.. like timon said, ‘no more fortune cookies for u’..:-D love those words..hehe. at last, I have found smthng 4 my leisure time. Loveholic (2005) is a love story..forbidden love story at first..hehe as it is related to the ethics for being a teacher n student..hmm..quite interesting n impinge on variety of emotions.

What im trying to stress on is the disease that the teacher has which is called narcolepsy..i never know of this disease at all..suprisingly the patient will fall asleep when he or she is depressed and in stress…witty eh? :-D

Narcolepsy is a
neurological condition most characterized by Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS), in which a person falls asleep during the day at inappropriate times, such as at work or school. A narcoleptic will most probably experience disturbed nocturnal sleep, which is often confused with insomnia, and disorder of REM or rapid eye movement sleep. It is one of the dyssomnias. A narcoleptic may also fall asleep at random.
The main characteristic of narcolepsy is excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), even after adequate night time sleep. A person with narcolepsy is likely to become drowsy or fall asleep, often at inappropriate times and places. Daytime naps may occur without warning and may be physically irresistible. These naps can occur several times a day. They are typically refreshing, but only for a few hours. Drowsiness may persist for prolonged periods of time. In addition, night time sleep may be fragmented with frequent awakenings. Four other "classic" symptoms of narcolepsy, which may not occur in all patients, are
cataplexy, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucinations, and automatic behavior.
Hmm…it is exquisite and fascinating story to be watched during holiday.. I’m not saying it is the best but at least can perish the spare time.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today is a gloomy’s raining all day.. Everything seems not right to me..dunno why but inside, I feel sad, indecisive feeling and sense something is not done… I try to exude everything that cause me disappointed but I can’t. I afraid to feel the pain, afraid to cause pain to others and afraid if I losing something.. sigh~Arghhhh..hate to feel this way..hope the calmness and serenity come along soon.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

makn2 at food village..~

hehe..after a day visiting KB and attending the wedding celebration of my sister's fren at Pasir Puteh..we went for dinner at food village.. the place was good and the food was delicious. i could not stand my self not to over ate..haha..yummy...

bang di, nabilah bucuk..hehe... n kak emi

ama..dapnyer mkn..hehe

kerol and bang zad

me n k.ida

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

incoming wedding~

Stating on 20th classmates and I will be on trip to kelantan in attending the big event.. ‘ct nadiah n izani’ wedding..hehe. Both of them are our wonderful and cherish classmates who are waiting for the treasured memories in about +- 48 hours..hehe.
Thanks to the person who is charged for our transportation, home stays and subsidizes food. All of us will be there on 20th until 23rd nov. Believe or not..i can imagine the vast occurrence coming and all the pleasurable and contented faces will be publicized through the days during the trip.

On 7th December, our next classmate, kak atiqah n her husband to be.. ‘ipin’ will be get married on that day. Congratulation for both and hope all the preparations and arrangement will be getting done and complete on time. Hope the relationship, commitment and responsibility that they bear will lead them to be strong and brawny till the end and hereafter..insya Allah. We will always pray for ur happiness.

p/s: our ex-class rep will be next..hehe..u know who..

and hoping to see wani and her baby in next sem..haha.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

credit to nana abdullah..:-) cilok gmbr nih..hehehe...jgn mrh ek..:-D

n tq sume sudi dtg beraye umah sy..thn dpn plak yer;-)

Friday, November 14, 2008

nothing much~

Second days at home..hmm..nothing much that I’ve done..jz sit around, helping with the cooking, watching…blogging..n hmm definitely..sleeping..hehee..

Personal view on the issues tht have been whispered around..marriage issue; very big responsibility comes along..need to be totally prepared in all aspects.. it’s jz not the way in declaring the relationship in the best approach but more to uphold the honour and conscientiousness together as one. Easy for us to judge but hard for them to make the decision and craft the dreams to be collectively reliable. Hmmm….

Frenship affair..a lot of hearsay that I heard and some bad judgement was been made to reflect the hurt feelings that each other posses. I am not good in comforting people but at least I can be a good listener, though. Thinking to all problems which have been ensued, sometimes I feel I’m too afraid in committing the not up to scratch feelings to my frens as they will misunderstand or misinterpret my words and actions.

Men.. They are less sensitive than women. They tend to look up things in rational way and by naked eyes compare to women, they tend to see problems with naked eyes plus feel with emotions. See the difference? That‘s why men posse their role as a leader whether in a family and also in the society. Not meant that women cannot be a leader.. Women also be born as a leader. Women full with emotions but tears are not always related to women.. Men also cry but in different outcome. Sometimes, tears flow down through the cheeks when the person is too angry and when the person cannot let it out properly...besides, the tears allied with the sadness that is not seize by the person’s shoulder + heart itches. Men like to seek and give solutions rather than jz to listen to what the partner tells the problems. Sometimes, women only need them to listen and they will satisfy, not search for the solution from them unless when women inquire them to do so..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Unembellished Final....hmm~

2weeks of hard time n back to back exm did give so much pressure. Sometimes I amazed that I can get through all of them…within that time, I also can feel the emptiness inside.. sadness comes along through the days of loneliness…hmm…the hurt feelings still can be felt..the ‘necrosis’ inside hope still can be reversible.. All the things that happened did give me lessons and barrier to move forward…. It’s hurt to keep all of them by myself.

OOOLIIIIDAY!!! 5weeks in relieving mode…can’t wait to plan the pleasant vacation of the family..heheh..looking 4ward to capture the ‘bling2’ moments in the clouds without raining flows to the deep sea…

1st day d morning~