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Monday, May 25, 2009

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Plzzz let me know if ade yg berminat.. :-)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today’s afternoon, I went to the clinic and accompanied by my beloved mom. After that, my mom wanted to take the car for service as the car has reached its limit which entail the next ‘treatment’.hehe. It took for about one and half hour to get done.

On our way home, my mom decided to stop by at the night market at the Chabang Tiga. As soon as we arrived there, my reminiscences began to capture my eyes. This place was once become part of my life during my childhood. It was where my father n I went to shop groceries and all the wet things for cooking by motorcycle.

I used to sit in the front part (the ‘bakul’ part..hehe of the motorcycle) and always enjoyed the moment. I loved to be closed with my father and when I looked up, I would see his face smiling at me because he knew that I would touch his chin. haha. This place is near to the ‘Muzium Negeri’ and at that time, my family lived at the Losong Haji Mat Shafie. It took only five to seven minutes to arrive at the market.

There and back again, I remembered the bonbon memories of the Fardhu Ain classes during evening at school (sek.keb. sri nilam – standard 3), near to Pusat Chabang Tiga. I went to the class by bicycle and yet I was not going alone.

My best fren during those moment was Hidayah (rsenye matmin knl kot..hehe.SBP dungun) and after half of the journey, we arrived at this house and like always, i yelled, ‘assalamualaikum..aizat!!! cepat...’ and within seconds, he would show up. Hehe.. if hidayah was not come along, aizat n I would go to the classes together by bicycle (beskal laen2 eh..ngee~) and like always, i would yell - call up his name until he showed up. hehe. (aizat-wan mohd aizat..rsenye ad dak kls knl kot. He was a good boy). During the morning hour, I walked to school, as my mother will drop me at one road, which leads me to the school straight away.

I was studying at sek sri nilam only for a year. There’s I met fatin farhana (dak medic), zulhimi (engine tp dah tukar ke MIAT) and then I changed school at Tok Jiring. There was I met bunif, faidhi(dak medic), fizi, jepah and others.. For standard 1 and 2, I studied at Sek Keb Kebun sireh, bukit mertajam and Sek Ren sultan sulaiman 2.
Since I was young, I did change school a lot, met, and made so many friends that I will always keep in mind and remember them.

I did treasure the moments when my friends and I shared together. Those were the moments that money cannot pay for and procured. Moral of the stories, do appreciate the friends that we made and live in contented mode~~