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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Being too on tenterhooks to something is not good at all.. When we keep thinking and imagining that not belong to’s quite absurd…hmm.. argh.. Being grateful is also damn important.. Sometimes, I do realize that I didn’t grateful within myself.. I kept thinking this and that but not thank to all that I have got… what a shame!! I should be thoughtful of all.. I should b solicitous.. Should b!! Thank u Allah for everything that I have.

Low self-esteem is also one thing which I wish to trounce.. I kept thinking negative about myself..Why should I have this?y I’m the only one that be like this? Y this and that.. I always wanna b s1 else instead of myself.. I do not hate myself totally but a part of it.. Thinking of that..i realize how awful I am..i must tolerate and endure with myself n b happy with who I am.. Not try to b sm1 else. I am who I am!!