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Monday, September 14, 2009

dwelling~~ ^_^

It has been a long time since entering new sem, there’s no new is expected u know .. Nothing to tell about n keep busying with new subjects that need so much attention though.

Now im in a home mode..holidays that i alwys waiting for..n this is the first time im back since last 3 months holiday. Happy~ that’s the word in my head n glad coz there’s nothing to worry about as my midsem exm was finished already. No exam after raya like the others n it makes me feel lucky enough in keeping myself to take pleasure in this mode.. ^_^

But what makes me fret rite now is i x shopping raya lagi..-_- is a last minute as last year, evrythng was done before last week of ramadhan..huh.. pasar payang.. will be my destination on this whole week..hmm..please plucking me in attempting the traffic jam n people that smtimes really annoying.. argghhh...adding to my melancholy..i’ve to go sis will coming back at nite before raya...-_-.. Suppose to go along with me instead of giving me money to buy everything ALONE.. :-(

Raya is approaching and Ramadhan is leaving us.. i even dun realize that time is passing by really swift and almost end of it already..sad.. i really enjoy this Ramadhan..beyond doubt.. :-)
Lets double our ibadah in this last week (last 10days)..n hoping in getting through next Ramadhan..insya Allah..

Enjoy the new new fav.. hee~ ^_^