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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NaTure n ExM

Listening to brett dennen..’ain’t no reason’ woke me up by the curiosity of even people in the west about all the things happened in their life naturally. Well, that’s what we called ‘fitrah’ of homosapiens in living in this universe. The highlight is we all do have the senses in taking the surrounding as the main nosiness in putting effort for doing all the jobs and things that we need to get done. Apathy in nature, solitude we will get. We are the nature. We are part of it..part and parcel..

So..the link?
It’s all about the flu which is running through in certain countries. Alhamdulillah.. Malaysia is not affected but keep praying.. it has been like the nature is giving its clue and seems to be, Allah gives the catastrophe for human’s forgetfulness…wallahualam..

Exam result:
Hmmm…first thing, alhamdulillah…
Apparently, all my frens keep talking and discussing it..of course..through the batch blog.. Some gives very funny expression about the results and some did give out by the emotions. Whatever the ways are, they are as the way in putting across the feeling inside themselves. So am i. I feel grateful..and pleased. All subjects are pass..and frankly, I did feel like kick in the teeth (disbelief) with my own result. Hopefully, it consistently increased in next sem, insya Allah..dunno what’s going to happen but let’s pray for the best and keep it up. My will should be sturdy and strong always..

Thursday, April 16, 2009


15/04/09 :11.59pm

It’s raining heavily this afternoon. I stood up at the window, glanced and gazed the surrounding. Somewhere, somehow..i felt calm.. Looking at those water droplets touched the mother beautiful.. how great the creatures create by Allah.. it’s took some time for me to be back in reality. My dream flew beyond than it can reach. So much to much to think. is difficult. It is complicated. If a person in my age has thought so many things, I wonder my parents did think in many things and there was a lot that they must possibly do and plan.

Today’s exam was hard. i admitted, it took a hard work in thinking and noticing what the questions were all about. But somehow, when I looked up around, I amazed that people seems to be really took pleasure in answering it as they were been looking at the rainbow shining through the clouds after raining. Huh..i did think..was I the only one that think it was hard?? busted. it was scared to be think about it for once more.. jz move forward!! U can do it, insya Allah.    

Don’t feel free in the gap in getting through MCQ and OSPE the day after tomorrow. Better keep it up. Run as much as u can..hike as high as u can..believe in what u long it does take ur aware,strength and gut to be excellent all over again. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sudden and swift, my fingers are automatically clicked on the pictures folder à ‘family..’

It becomes sense that I miss them a lot after seeing all the pictures and aid with my stress moment in preparing for incoming papers…huh….ble la nk hbs..penat!!!

When I looked upon the latest pictures of last year hari raya…something clouts my heart. My eyes become watery. It’s not a time for the emotional feeling, of course but I cannot stand myself for imagining the condition on that day if ‘abah’ still among us. But all of us a.k.a my family members keep him in our heart. The memory won’t be fade away. The way he talked, supported, jokes around..hmmm…really miss u…it’s too sad when we missing someone that we cannot see him any longer. Sayu…I’m sooo grateful that the sense when the last time I kissed my dad’s forehead on the day of missing him still can be felt even for years.. I swore that the sense still can be felt on my lips. Thank u Allah for keeping ‘it’ for me..

i do envy with others who get the perfect love of the person called father. i lost the love tht i've been craving so much since form 5.. the year that i need so much courages and abet to live la nk bcter pnjg..xpsl2 ad senses yg, moral of the story..haha.. love ur parents and do show ur love b4 d time is coming.

losing which is abrupt early in d morning without signs are hurt..gone without say gudbye even after seeing him before went to school.. moment to be remembered 4eva..terkilan btol..ish

my mother..she still can maintain her glee though I know, she is strong cause of her children around.. paper on Monday after 5 days back to back exam without gaps…and still 6 days back to back exam starting this Monday..13,14,15,16,17,18..

Exams which have been through: physical pharmacy, pharmaceutical analysis, body system : cardiovascular and haematology, body system: respiratory system, and pharmacognosy.

Next exams will be:

Body system: gastrointestinal tract

Body system: urinary system

Nutraceutical and cosmeticeutical

MCQ of all above

OSPE of all body systems and pharmacognosy.