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Friday, July 2, 2010

squeezing RANdOM~` does take time to post a new one. it's even hard as i almost forgot i do have a blog. keh3..however, good grief i do write on it now. i did not know if there were not any interesting stories to share with but i did know that i did not know how to start. the final year is coming and frankly, im not ready. it's hard to accept the fact that im old enough to get into final year and old enough to start a new beginning. grrr... bloodcurdling and horrifying enough. i do hate this feeling. life is hard but it will become harder if we make it that way. FOCUS please.

what i hope for this new semester that it will start with good things rather than something really make me depressed like last year. the first week of my 3rd year did make me depressed. yet, i even cannot focus and concentrate in class and even cried when i recalled the 'thing'. depressed and be able to over it in 1 month after that did help me and a vacation with my family in first few weeks after entering the 3rd year to penang really make my head up ahead and straight. yet, i did get warning letter for a 1 credit hr subject but it did worth it. thanks mom and kak ida. i love u both very much..muches!hehe.. and of course my other fmily members. i do love u all.

conflicts happened every year. however, some of them, i did manage to handle, and sometimes, i got angry for no reasons. of course, there should be a good reasons fot the things to happen but how ppl want to sette it down or clear up is really matters and i had better choose to explain n honest rather than keep quiet and let it be with the flow. please don't make other ppl think hard on u. just tell and share..i can do it. i will do it. i'll try to change.

HOLIDAYS--> nothing much happened but my family did manage to go off somewhere to have some good time it.. then, my grandma from n.sembilan came with my aunts and uncles from kedah and selangor. it has been a long time since my house feels 20 people live house alwys been quiet and most of the time the sounds only come from tv or pc and louder--may be from the kicthen when i was cooking..hahaha.. i wonder if that situation sounds like pathetic but it is not..and i do love it. :-) tranquil~~

PRACTICAL--> i did enjoy my practical session at pharmacy lim. it was fun and joyful as i did not realize that 2 weeks flew just like that. honest?? yes..of course..hehe. tq Mr jacob..i have learned a lot and make me more familiarize with the drugs and some of them i manage to get it through. even so, the report.... i've been crazy even to start with a word. laziness conquered. ayoyoyoy..and i end up with writing in my blog..hehe.. till we meet again. ^_^

p/s: nothing personal..just smthng to share with.