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Saturday, September 27, 2008

d arrival~

at home..feel free and enjoy my holiday..but underneath, i do know, there are many things to be submitted on the day after the holiday is off...huh~ nothing to say but what i wish for this raya is my family will be happier and celebrated the day in delighting and tickling moment than before. even the joy never be the same..hopefully, the spirit will enlighten us in making merry the hari raya for my family, insya Allah. to our beloved one who had left us..almost 4 years, the memories will never be fade away..kesayuan tetap dirasai...wassalam...


Friday, September 19, 2008

second half of sem 1..

gone baby gone..hehe..gone midsem gone..Jz waiting for the result which I think im totally, definitely, all in all out… wanna think about it..apart frm it…Ramadhan…feel like the days that I’ve got through too fast and now its already 19 days of fasting..there’s so much things that I think I wanna do in this month but only half of them there any probability for me to feel the Ramadhan month approaching? ~sigh~. Many hearsay have grasped to my ears..and sore feeling arises…however, cant wait for ‘blk raya’ cz what I think the journey is the most fun that celebrating it..dunno y but I’ve felt that way for many years before. Hope incoming raya will be better than last year..happier and cut off the sadness in myself..hmm… hopefully….insya Allah...