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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


While finishing my work..out of the blue, i am thinking of my room at the campus.. hmm..even it’s only 10 days left, sometimes, i feel i cant wait to be there but sometimes, i do feel that i don’t want to go back there. More likely to be at home and live in a free mode. Nothing much to do..everyday i am free to do anything and wake up anytime that i want..hehe..

Accepting the fact that my room is not really a matter of fact, i feel so much comfortable, cosy and really take pleasure in spending my time there.

Hmmm...3rd year is approaching and the year of seniority is increased by one.heh.. i do not know on how to be felt inside..whether to be happy?sad?anxious?worried? or fear? Of sem will bring about more difficult subjects and wondering whether i can cope or not..

How good or bad it is, we must get through that year, rite? It doesn’t seem that we can skip the whole year and when we wake up..eyes’s already on the graduation day...hehe..

Hoping that i am really in chuffed to bits next semester and my courage and enthusiasm will sky-scraping, succeed and live gleefully..insya Allah. Jz hope for the best!! :-)
p/s: ayoyo..repot xsiap lg..mlsnye..huk3..


Jepah said...

bersepahnyer bilik...

MIFTAH said...

hoho..mmg brsepah pon jepah.hee

Anonymous said...

ok la tuh, ade privacy. Heiy, don't forget to mourn for our brothers' uncertain life in IIUM Guest House.

aNeA_hAyATi said...

orait ape bilik gitu..
hahaa..rak buku mane?? bukan org suke tunjuk rak buku ke..hahaa

MIFTAH said...

shamel: of course..rse kesian sgt kt bro's...berpindh randah..ak pon tumpang mrh ble dgr bro's kne 'fren' terlibt same..hahaha.. ;-D

k.anea:rak buku nmpk la..tu tpi meja tu.hahha..cuma xnmpk buku..akak mmg ske tnjuk rak bku..sbb akak ske bku :-) kite suke tnjk katil sbb ske tdo..ngeh3.. :-D

::Amin Mansor:: said...

salam miftah.harap2 sihat. =) .new url -

tukar baru sempena sem baru year baru. =)

MIFTAH said... mmg sure sihat.hehe..:-)

ooo..ok..will chnge ur url right away..:-D

Ayen HoneY said...

hey babe!
cosy benor room kamu ye..ahaha..