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Sunday, July 17, 2011

new ME~ :)

Currently am adapting with the new chapter or so-called new episode of my blessed life. Am not flossing with the word ‘bless’ there but it’s not off beam to think that is? When something bad happened, we always think why this or that happened but why in any ways we don’t think why this or that happened to me/us when a very bliss and wonderful, amazing things happened.. ever think of that b4? Every time am not in a very good mood or gloomy, I’ll try to twist my way of thinking and keep my head works..sometime..haha hey...not everyone has that positive ions every time.. i did have my bad turning ok..:D because im normal!!

Ok..ok..why ‘new chapter’..because nowadays n onwards..everything is going 180degrees (360?)off from my life in kuantan become more stay-at-home lady every day and only going out when my mom asks to or once every 2 weeks..believe it? Never believe myself either..*big grin.. why? No money lah!haha..even that one of the reasons, the others, i just want relax myself out and appreciate my good-goyang kaki-feeling b4 the ‘calling’... my personal life---it’s different a good way of coz.. don’t think the appalling one..we are adults now! Hehe..always pray for the best..n insyaAllah everything is going to be okay..:)

Everyone is overwhelming by books and info now..oh the way around..keeping busy downloading and watching and listening too much!! The heart-rending thing is, am afraid of becoming bad habit indeed..they keep me away from u, books...huk3..who’s to blame rather than myself..true? yes..indeed..TRUE!

Others? As my age already reach ehem22...24 last june..ehem22..:D am feeling matured enough but my voice cannot be changed la..;p how much i want to keep it matured, it turns out---ruined! Kekeke.. so..sesape yg ade wish dlm hati---bg la suare MIftah..bertuka on my last birth-day..well,my be not granted! :D but am happy with how i am sound when i speak and that resonance vibrates through ur ears..haha.. im grateful!:)

Smile alwys..

p/s: nothing personal..just something to share n kill my time

current ‘drugs’ even not up-to-date but here it goes

rolling in the deep, if i die young, 2am-u wouldn’t answer my call, jlo-on d floor, kim bo kyung-suddenly n kim soo hyun-dreaming..;) pokok?:p

last year celebration my luvly rumates:) n during pura's brthday.:)

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